Friday, January 4, 2013

A Walk With the Dog

Maddie is a wonderful dog---a great addition to our family. I fell in love with her when we visited a pet store at Chandler Mall almost five years ago. It was love at first sight. She is friendly, mostly obedient and fun to play with. She is a great communicator. When she wants you to do something for her--like let her out a door, get her some more food or water--etc..She is my alarm clock. When I am sleeping from working the night before, she will growl, followed by a few licks on the face to wake me up. I try to take her for a walk everyday. We have many different routes, so that it is not so boring for the two of us. We have to be careful even to say the word "walk" around her, so she doesn't get too excited. I took her for our walk today, after I got up. It was a beautiful day for a walk. As we walk around the neighborhood, she would stop every few feet, start to sniff and take a few steps and then stop again to sniff some more. The though occurs to me that it is so important for each of us in our busy lives to take the time to stop and smell the roses.

Three in a Row

It is now day three and I have cought up with writing in this blog each day--well, sort of--oh well, it is now three days in the new year and the new year is great so far--work and sleep, work and sleep and work and sleep. After I am through with work, I will go home and sleep.

Day Two on the New Year

So far things are doing well for being the second day of the new year. The past couple of days have been just work and sleep. Can't go wrong with that, now can you??

Happy New Year!!!

The new year brings on new goals. A new you. A new life. I love it when the new year comes rolling around. I do think of it as a new start. I have written my goals for the year. I hope that I can be successful in keeping them or rather doing them. Time will tell.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Our Summer Staycation

As you all may know, Ryan received his mission call after a nine week wait to Baltimore, Maryland, then waited another three months for entering the mission field on August 1st. Well, three days before his entrance, we found out about a snaffoo which would have him wait another six weeks--ughhhh!!! Patience is a virtue--there is a reason--it is all for the best---meantime, we had planned to take him up to Utah and make a vacation of it and visit our friends and enjoy the cool weather. Instead, we did a staycation!!! We all ate out. Cleaned up Ryan's room. Cleaned up the house. Washed all three cars. We just plained relaxed. We are going to try our trip again to Utah when we take him up in September.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The End is Near

For a little over two weeks the world has been in tuned with the olympics. It has been eat, sleep, talk and watch the olympics and now today it comes to an end. There will be some races going on and then the closing ceremony will be tonight. All good things must come to an end. I have enjoyed taking it all in. Sure do wish I could be there. Now I have two years before the winter olympics come into our lives. Leave it to the olympics to bring the world together as one.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Continuing in the Olympic Mode

I guess that I have not been so excited to watch the olympics these past few days as I was last week. My favorite sports have come and gone, though I did watch the women's beach volleyball live. Tomorrow will be the closing of the olympics, which I plan to watch on tv. If I have learned anything from watching these games, it is that the women have really proven themselves. The US team had more women than men. Gold was won by the women's soccer, volleyball, basketball, water polo and beach volleyball--oh yeah, can't forget the women's gymnastics team. The teamwork and friendship shared by them all was awe inspiring. It is kind of sad to know that it is over for another four years..the flame is passed on to Rio de Janiero.